You can register by using registeration form and also by using your social login account. We support 3 social network to register a user, these are: 
1. Gmail: User can register into bazaarena.com by using his gmail account.
2. Twitter: User can register into bazaarena.com by using his twitter account.
3. Facebook: This is a third option, user can also use his facebook account to register in our website. We are not taking any personal info except user profile information which include user profile pic, his/ her location. 
1. Log in to your bazaarena.com account.
2. Click on the Post An Ad option from the menu bar. Fill all the information required by the form.
3. You can upload multiple images at once by clicking on the upload image button.
4. In the price field only digits are required. 
5. User can also select different currency as compare to Canadian Dollar(CAD)
6. After completing all information, you have to click on POST AN ADD button.
Your ads stay on our website for 30 days and after that it will be automatically expired. But you can get email alert from our webiite that your ads are going to expired and if you want then you can update. Three days prior to your ad expiring, you will receive an e-mail reminder. You will have multiple options, one to update your listing and another option is to cancel it.
Replay to any ads on bazaarena.com is very easy. There is no need to login, you only have to fill a form appearing right side of the listing page.
To edit update and post a new listing you have to go to your dashboard and from there you see my active ads. You have to click on this menu and get all your active listing, to edit any listing you have to click on the edit button and to delete any of the listing you have to click on the delete button.
You can easily upgrade your ads by going to the listing page and from where edit any listing which you want to upgrade and then click on the post an ad button. It will redirect to no of days select and payment page then you can use any of the payment method listed there to upgrade your listing.
If your account credentials not working then you have to go on password reset page and fill the required field over there. You will receive a email includes password reset link, which you have to use to reset you password.

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